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Our love for these silly little dogs began in 2003 with our first Frenchie, Zander. It is true that you cannot have just one French Bulldog. These big-hearted characters will love you forever. It is impossible to resist those big, beautiful eyes begging for a hug or a handout. Our family grew very quickly, both human and four-legged. I am a veterinary technician, working part-time while caring for my young children and our sweet Frenchie family.
Our Frenchies are fed a high-quality diet; and we also follow a reduced vaccine protocol. In addition, we also feed our dogs and puppies a Dynamite supplement (Showdown Pro). Our dogs are carefully screened for health issues before breeding and our puppies are thoroughly examined by our vet before being placed in homes. They are happily family raised and have excellent temperments. Our Frenchies are family pets first and show dogs second. These dogs are a big part of our lives and we take great pride in the babies that we raise. They are only placed in approved loving homes. We do not sell to puppymills, pet stores, or brokers; and we do not sell dogs for breeding purposes only. Most of our puppies are placed as pets, but on occasion we may have an extra show puppy that needs a home too. Unfortunately, we can't keep them all!

Deposits are non-refundable and required to hold puppies. Those that are on the wait list are contacted first in the order that they contacted me after I've selected my keeper. We then try and match the right puppy to fit your lifestyle, home, and personality. Your deposit is deducted from your final balance and is transferrable to another puppy or litter, should something come up.
All show prospects will be placed on a co-ownership. A contract is required to be read and signed prior to acquiring one of our puppies. Show prospects are thoroughly evaluated by myself and other reputable breeders, and only the best will be selected for show homes.
All Pet/companion puppies are placed on a spay/neuter contract with Limited AKC registration; which means that your dog is recognized by AKC as a purebred dog and can compete in performance events (obedience, agility, rally, etc.) but cannot compete in conformation events; and if any puppies are born to this dog AKC will not recognize them.
Puppies are available for new homes at 10-12 weeks of age, but occasionally we will have an adult retiree or an older puppy that didn't make the cut for the show ring.
We prefer not to ship our puppies, so preference is given to those who are willing to come and pick up their new puppy. Shipping may be available if absolutely necessary, weather permitting, at our discretion only. We may be able to deliver your new puppy for an additional fee, depending on our schedule.
Frenchies are a dwarfed, man-made breed that can and do have health issues. Make sure you do your research and talk with your veterinarian about the costs and risks of some of these issues. Our puppies are placed with a written 2 year health guarantee that covers life-threatening genetic defects.
French Bulldogs are a member of the non-sporting group, weighing 15-28 lbs. An ideal Frenchie should be a well-balanced, compactly built, sound dog, having the appearance of an active, intelligent, muscular dog of heavy bone, with a smooth coat, and medium or small stature. There are many different colors of French Bulldogs, one not being preferable over the other. In expression, they should have a bright, alert look which gives it the appearance of always being ready for fun and frolic, as it is. While bred principally as pets and companions, Frenchies are remarkably intelligent and serve as good watchdogs. They are affectionate, sweet-tempered, and dependable. While alert and playful, they generally bark very little; and their smooth, short coat is easily kept clean.
Welcome to an adventure of happiness and fun with the addition of a Frenchie to your family.

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